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Wet Brush Epic Paddle

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The Wet Brush Epic Paddle is an essential tool for detangling wet hair without damaging or breaking it. Its IntelliFlex bristles are designed to be gentle and flexible, easily gliding through knots and tangles without snagging or pulling. Plus, the ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and makes it easy to brush with. An essential tool for styling wet hair!

The Wet Brush Pro Epic Quick Dry Brush - Black gently detangles even the toughest hair without any tugging, snagging or breakage. Suitable for all hair types, this hairbrush has a flexible brush head which allows for maximum detangling


  • Open vented design allows even airflow, resulting in faster blow drying
  • Exclusive IntelliFlex bristles bend and flex to remove knots effortlessly
  • Safe for wet or dry hair
  • Comfort grip contours your head

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