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dPT Hair Brush Cleaner - Black

The dPT Hair Brush Cleaner - Black is an essential tool for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your hairbrush. Effortlessly remove hair and debris by pressing the bristles of the cleaner onto your brush. Perfect for all types of brushes, including boar bristle and wide bristle brushes, this cleaner is a versatile solution for all your hair care needs. It can also be used to clean pet brushes, although a separate one may be preferred for this purpose.


  • Hair Brush Rake Design: Our hair brush cleaner, crafted with efficiency and ease in mind, features a 7-rake design that effortlessly glides through boar brushes, wave brushes, and combs. The carefully-spaced design gently moves through bristles without causing damage, eliminating the need for tedious finger cleaning or brushes being ruined.
  • Easy Grip Handle: Our hair brush cleaner boasts an ergonomic handle for optimum leverage in restoring your brushes to their former glory. The unique design of the ball and curve shape provides a secure grip on the brush cleaner comb, ensuring it stays firmly in your hand.
  • Small Size, Perfect for Travel: Compact at just 3" in length, this travel companion is essential for boar hair and wide bristle brushes. Its small size allows for convenient storage in your toiletry bag, handbag, or backpack, without sacrificing any other necessities.
Sale price$6.00
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dPT Hair Brush Cleaner - Black Sale price$6.00