Vess Pro-2000


Vess Pro-2000 Professional Hair Brush Tourmaline Ceramic 9 Row Round Tip Curved Pad Anti-static Natural Rubber Specialized Pin Structure


  • Uses tourmaline ceramics material, which is the latest innovative material that generates anti-static function and a lot of negative ions and far infrared rays
  • Reduces drying time by 50% and gives excellent gloss, softness and maximum air
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Blow Brush - Hair Dryer Available
  • High Heat Resistance - Up to 85℃ (186℉)
  • Nine Rows / Seven Rows : Blow styling brush especially for basic styling
  • Curved Pad : 50% shorter drying time, excellent gloss and softness, rich air
  • Natural Rubber in the Pin Fixing Part : Special natural rubber pad with excellent elasticity and heat resistance

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