Herban Ritual

Lavender Forest Mask Spray

Use Herban Ritual’s Mask Spray to free your mind for the real task at hand. Made with an invigorating respiratory essential oil blend to refresh your mask and your state of mind. Use on clothes, fabric face masks, after washing masks, and throughout the day when appropriate. Comes in a reusable 1 oz glass spray bottle for daily on the go and airport carry on compliant.

Suggested Use: Spray 1-2 times inside or outside of mask and on surfaces. Allow the alcohol to dry before putting the mask on your face. Breathe deep and enjoy it!

The FDA recommends not inhaling alcohol, only use the spray when the mask is off your face and after spraying, let dry before putting the mask on.

Ethically Sourced Ingredients: 60% ethyl alcohol*, purified water, essential oils of Lavender*, Eucalyptus*, Balsam Fir*, Rosemary*, flower essences of pink, white and golden yarrow.*Organic certified.

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