Cynthia Rapp

Cynthia Rapp Sad but true, we've started the New Year by loosing one of our original partners: Cynthia Rivera Rapp. Cynthia was diPietro Todd's first color assistant to pass through our training program back in the early 90's. She worked on the color team downtown for a short while and moved over to our Mill Valley Salon when we first opened and from there she went on to become one of the most gifted, busiest colorists in the industry. After several years we put together a partnership with Cynthia for our Palo Alto location and together we brought that salon to the success it is today. Cynthia put her heart and soul into the Palo Alto salon and everyone who came there could feel it. It was pretty simple—she loved her work and the clients loved her. On top of being amazing at her craft, Cynthia was also a very intuitive woman and took care of her staff to make sure they were happy and well cared for. I had to call her voicemail the other day after she passed just to hear her say one last time: "This is the only day you have, make it a good one."

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