Les Enfants Terribles April 22, 2012

les-enfants-terribles-soiree-april-12-2012_205They did it again! Our brillantly talented assistants have raised yet another bar with their latest show at Club Mighty on April 22, 2012. Inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier and his provocative and genderbending styles, the students created progressive hair cuts, extravagant hair colors and over-the-top upstyles. Much of their inspiration came from the fascinating multimedia exhibition of Gaultier's work featured at the De Young museum, The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk. The students work collaboratively to produce all aspects of the show from the hair, fashion, make up, music and creative direction. Click here to see more photo's from Les Enfants Terribles. We are so proud of them and eager to see what will inspire them next year! Stay tuned.... les-enfants-terribles-soiree-april-12-2012_200 les-enfants-terribles-soiree-april-12-2012_199 les-enfants-terribles-soiree-april-12-2012_191 les-enfants-terribles-soiree-april-12-2012_178 les-enfants-terribles-soiree-april-12-2012_35 les-enfants-terribles-soiree-april-12-2012_23 les-enfants-terribles-soiree-april-12-2012_3

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