Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes Holiday Pary

664967_10151302446550699_1533408399_o When everyone was thinking--- Mayan Apolcolypse, Andrew and Michael O'Rourke went in the other direction and decided that Nursery Rhymes and Fairy tales was the theme for this years Xmas Party. The Supper Club was the best venue ever with endless entertainment and merriment and it was clear that everyone had a fabulous time. Kristin Bowers (sp) was unanimously selected for the "Best Costume" prize as the spitting image of the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty. When I spun around and saw Moi Villa (Creative Director), I think the entire city heard me scream. He was so scary, he was hardly recognizable. This was a party I wish I could go to all over again. Time flies when you having fun. Kim a.k.a. Narnia's Ice Queen.... kimsignature 664497_10151302446245699_873431058_o622345_10151302447290699_1265033132_o471654_10151302445925699_881952845_o471550_10151302445230699_524117249_o210367_10151302445660699_885451306_o178310_10151302446980699_1924689138_o

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