"New Talent Spotlight"... Alexandra

ALEX-SOIREE-1 We are thrilled to add Alexandra to the stylist floor at our Union Square location. For her soiree theme she chose the "The World" Tarot card - the symbol of completion. Before the show she read to us... "with this card you see the whole picture, all elements align to create the total vision. The world carries a message of mastery, maturity, and successful outcome of a personal journey. Lessons have been learned, dues have been paid - now comes the reward and celebration, the acknowledgment of having achieved what you set out to do - and having grown and bettered yourself in the process." Cheers to that! ALEX-SOIREE-8 ALEX-SOIREE-12 ALEX-SOIREE-16 ALEX-SOIREE-5 ALEX-SOIREE-4

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